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Virtual Lives

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At various times, throughout the year, I take time out to visit various conferences, I’ve become familiar with.  No matter what flavor they are tech or non tech, they all seem to follow a basic pattern. Registration, hourly seminars, keynote speeches and vendor stalls. Sometimes I learn something new from them.  They are also a   …Continue Reading

Great ideas cost nothing. Innovation is priceless.

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It’s always interesting to see a new idea capture someone else’s imagination so they act on it and use it as their own.  Sometimes that requires direct personal experience though. I recently visited a grand English stately home with my family, Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. As is the custom, my wife and I formally visited   …Continue Reading


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Bright and Shiny and New Educational Technology Educational technology is so cool.  And we are in a revolution: Smart phone and tablet technology, Social media and Web 2.0 technologies to build them with.  They have all helped to advance today’s classroom. They are all so much more fun than using a blackboard. (Pun intended!) But wait a   …Continue Reading